Hi guys! 

So, as many of you might now I’ve gotten a deal with the online clothing store; sheinside.com. They’re a great place to shop clothes and accessories and similar because they have something for every style!

Well, last Thursday(only 2 weeks after ordering) I got my first package! It consisted of;

1. A blue hooded sweater with deer pattern on. And I have to say I loooove it! It’s super cute and I’ve always had this intense love for Christmas/winter themed sweaters so this is just right for me! And not only that; it’s suuuuper soft, even more soft than it looks! It’s like walking around in a blanket all day long!

2. A navy blue zipper vest. This one I also love, hehe! I’m not a big fan of getting super duper hot in the winter so vests are a great thing; they keep me warm, but I’m not gonna get too hot! It’s perfect for mild winters and in-between fall/winter or winter/spring! It’s also really pretty, and I love the white braided detail on the collar!

You can get both items here:

  1. Sweater - http://www.sheinside.com/Blue-Hooded-Long-Sleeve-Deer-Pattern-Sweater-p-148795-cat-1734.html?url_from=fitelise
  2. Vest- http://www.sheinside.com/Navy-Hooded-Sleeveless-Zipper-Cotton-Outerwear-p-143458-cat-1735.html?url_from=fitelise

Plus, Sheinside.com has worldwide free shipping!


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